Screens 4 Eyes

Screens 4 Eyes are back with a dreamy folktronica single, accompanied by a surprising Lyrics video.
We live with the illusion of having secrets. But once you told, wrote, or shared it with someone, you can be sure it will be passed on.
Our friends will tell their lovers, our lovers will tell their friends. Our emails will be read, our texts will be forwarded, our pictures will be screenshot. It is so easy to destroy someone these days - we might as well free ourselves and be ready to expose our naked soul and body.

Screens 4 Eyes is an Indie Dream Pop / Electro Rock music project from Tel Aviv.
The band fuses elements of Electronica, Shoegaze, Post Punk and Synth Pop. 
The band has released 2 EPs and currently mastering their 3rd.

"lusciously layered electronic darkpop that has the most delicate touches of melancholy and darksparkle"

"soothingly hypnotic female vocals to sway and soar into heightened euphoric bliss"
"What a rampaging piece of dreampop, electric energy that you don’t normally expect"
"a new wave of classicism, a film score to a movie too beautiful to be made"